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Every city in India that has made itself attractive to investors in real estate, has a few unique features that add to the appeal. Having said this, we’ll shift our focus to Bangalore. A city that has remained a preferred real estate investment destination owing to a variety of aspects. The title mentions top five reasons, however, in addition to these reasons the warmth of the people coupled with the hospitality that Bangalore has to offer to residents seems to be unparalleled. Bangalore has transformed many lives by increasing their standard of living and this is attributed to the city being truly cosmopolitan. As time progresses, Bangalore’s real estate demand is fueled by reasonable prices compared to other metro cities, balanced climate and optimized infrastructure.The city is also on it’s way to dominating the real estate markets in India and will surely maintain itself as one of the top priorities for strategic real estate investors and home buyers.As per the 2017 report by JLL or the Jones Lang LaSalle Incorporated, the second largest real estate brokerage firm in the world, Bangalore is in the 30 most dynamic cities in the world and is the No.1 in India, making it the fastest growing metropolis in the country and henceforth making it the hottest investment destination.

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