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At ESCALA PROJECTS, we are passionate about making homes of excellent quality that are delivered on time at the best possible price. We uncompromisingly design and develop our homes to stay ahead in the markets we operate in. At ESCALA PROJECTS, we are committed to bringing homes to you that meet the highest standards for excellence and workmanship.


At ESCALA PROJECTS, we are committed to doing the right thing for the right reason. We are dedicated to being an innovator in the industry and are constantly focused on improving the quality of our homes. We approach each day with the highest level of integrity for our customers, community and environment.


We strive to be a leading construction and development organization devoted to creating value for our clients and investors in a very diverse marketplace. To provide construction, development and business expertise to enrich our clients’ living standards To achieve excellence and produce high-quality, well-built buildings through innovative thinking and techniques while maintaining our core values and integrity

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